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Fighting Disputes E-Book

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This E-Book is tailored to beauty professionals who are fighting to keep their coins from clients who are filing disputes. We all have clients who no call/ no show or who are unhappy with there services and then choose to dispute the charges as if they have no knowledge of the services.

Well here is your guide when setting up your Scheduling site  (especially when using Acuity) and Square as your merchant (POS system). This E-Book gives full descriptions and examples how your disputes should look like, how your scheduling site should be set up (if allowed) and the verbiage that should be used when fighting disputes.

The verbiage is the most important part when winning disputes so please be mindful and really see the difference throughout the examples of in the E-Book. Please notice the verbiage (key to winning).

Please be mindful that this E-Book is not a guarantee that you will not win each dispute but it is used as a guide to help assist you to win your dispute.