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Styling Training

Our Technique course comes with an iLuxe Training Manual and Kit + Certificate.
A model is required for each in- person training. The training options vary from 2 Day courses to 3 Day Advanced courses.

These are styles featured within the iLuxe "Defining Wispy" series, which can be purchased in our E-Book collections.

What you'll learn: 

  • Lashing Technique
  • Eyelash Types
  • Theory of Natural Lash Growth
  • Product Knowledge
  • Reactions, Infections, Allergies & Osha 
  • Removal
  • After care Instruction
  • Client consent form & more
  • Photography fundamentals
  • Social Media & Marketing

NOTE: This certification is NOT a license or a substitute for a license, check out our licensing program. This certification confirms student has a rigorous understanding of health, sanitation, technique, design, application of eyelash extensions. Please check with your states licensing laws.