Introducing our Lash Mapping & Styling Course, "Define Wispy" - each learned style will be featured from our styling E-Books and Instagrams . This comprehensive training, developed by our master lash experts team, details everything you need to know about creating custom lash styles. Goodbye, boring basic lashes. Hello, custom styles that wow clients and keep them coming back.

This is a virtual LIVE Class!

Volume training

Volume Pinching Technique (8 hours) -

What you'll learn;
-Density Control - Lash Line 
-Weight Control
-Mega Volume Technique
-Styling: Eye / Face Shape 
-Product Theory
Theory (4 hours)

2nd Day: Model Training 4 hours  ( Live Model ) - $1,100

Within this training you have the option to add additional days, the max for trainings is 4 Days. Each additional day is 4 Hours of Live Model training. 

3rd Day - 4 hour Live Model Training - $1350

4th Day - 4 hour Live Model Training - $1500


Please remember this is a certification course, this does not require or earn you a license at the end of this course.