Introducing our Lash Mapping & Styling Course, "Define Wispy" - each learned style will be featured from our styling E-Books and Instagrams . This comprehensive training, developed by our master lash experts team, details everything you need to know about creating custom lash styles. Goodbye, boring basic lashes. Hello, custom styles that wow clients and keep them coming back.

This is a virtual LIVE Class!


Defining Wispy Styling Look & Learn is a virtual styling course; 

This course is a Look & Learn class that breaks down styling for everyone to understand. Within the class we will be breaking down eyes-hape , the lash line (weight and placement) and doing a LIVE styling breakdown- tips that you will be able to apply to every client. The style will be a new style that has to be seen so that you can achieve and capitalize on this particular style.  

* Please remember that a Live Style will done throughout the class - Completed by Ivory - Additionally everyone will receive a style kit (it will be mailed to every participant 

Class Duration - 2pm-6pm 

The class is recorded, every participant will get a recording after the class 

Course Breakdown: 

  • Building on Lash Lines 
  • Defining Texture / Definition 
  • Spikey versus Wispy 
  • Face / Eye Breakdown (the style will be broken down for all eyeshapes) 
  • Technique Breakdown (mixing of curls | weights | building into the layers) 

Style Kit (included): 

  • Practice face with lashes attached
  •  Lash Trays Box for this exact style
  • Power Adhesive
  •  Tweezer Kit