'Defining Wispy' Styling Webinar Replay

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Defining Wispy Styling Look & Learn is a virtual styling webinar Replay

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This course is a Look & Learn class that breaks down styling for everyone to understand. Within the class we will be breaking down eyes-hape , the lash line (weight and placement) and doing a LIVE styling breakdown- tips that you will be able to apply to every client. The style will be a new style that has to be seen so that you can achieve and capitalize on this particular style.  

* Please remember that a Live Style will done throughout the class - Completed by Ivory

Date Recorded 03/10/24 | Duration 1 hour 45 minutes - Replay 

The class is recorded, every participant will get a recording after the class 

Once purchased this course will be emailed to you due to the course being 3 hours. 

Course Breakdown: 

  • Building on Lash Lines 
  • Defining Texture / Definition 
  • Spikey versus Wispy 
  • Face / Eye Breakdown (the style will be broken down for all eyeshapes) 
  • Technique Breakdown (mixing of curls | weights | building into the layers)