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'Primed' Primer

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Primed Primer : 10ML

Pre-Treatment Lash Primer moisturises natural lashes to allow the glue to perfectly bond to a natural lash. As a result, by using Lash Primer you can increase your retention.

Each bottle has a built-in pipette for a mess-free and accurate application.


  • PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY: This primer is designed for experienced artists only.
  • BOOST YOUR VOLUME: Our Primer is a must-have, especially for your oily clients. Our primer balances the PH of the lashes and removes any oils and build-up. Speeds up the drying time of the glue
  • LONGER RETENTION: Our primer is the secret sauce to bomb retention.
  • FASTER LASHING: This primer is key to faster attachment from extension to natural lash. This product is Vegan and animal cruelty-free. Comes with 10ml of product.
  • PREP YOUR LASHES: Primed Primer is a must-have for the pre-application eyelash extension routine. With minimal irritation, it will help you increase customer satisfaction.
  • For Professional Use Only